Ravine Medical

In compliance with the nation's on-going conversion to a color-by-discipline uniform code, Ravine, Inc. has gained years of experience in the medical industry, specializing in Uniform Program Management by supplying medical uniforms, footwear and accessories to over 4,000 employees of two of the region's largest medical facilities.

With access to the most-demanded products in the industry, Ravine, Inc. has never failed to provide exactly what our customers in the medical industry request. These brands include: Dickies Medical Scrubs, Cherokee Workwear Authentic Scrubs, Dickies Workwear, Dansko Medical Footwear, Littman Accessories, and more.

Uniform Program Managment

What is it?

• Ravine, Inc. will work with facility staff to develop a color-coded uniform system to fit their needs; colors are typically chosen by job-title (or discipline), but often by floor or department

• Ravine, Inc. provides uniforms for all departments and job titles, including: medical scrubs, lab coats, casual and dress apparel, industrial workwear, along with job-specific footwear and accessories.

• Uniforms can be provided blank, or feature an embroidered logo- done in-house for optium quality and quickest turn around

The benefits

• Color-by-discipline uniforms lets your patients know who is caring for them and your staff know qualifications at a glance while offering a more organized, professional atmosphere than traditional uniform policies

• Ravine, Inc. offers the option of a custom-designed E-commerce website featuring approved pieces for purchase by employees 24/7. With only approved pieces available, there is peace-of-mind knowing employees are in proper uniform at all times.